9 Reasons Why People Love This Vegan Multivitamin

10/01/23 | Shaun Cunningham

1. It Took 3 Years To Formulate

Future Kind spent 3 years and surveyed over 40,000 vegan customers to formulate and package the perfect multivitamin for people on a plant-based diet.

2. It Has 8 Nutrients Vegans Are Most At Risk Of Being Deficient In

After years of research and analysis, including the co-operation of multiple plant-based nutritionists and doctors, 8 vitamins and minerals in ideal form and dosages were selected.

3. It Comes In a Home Compostable Pouch

Foundations is one of the world's first multivitamins to be packaged in home compostable pouches. Shipments are also 100% carbon offset!

4. It's Carrageenan Free

It is the only carrageenan-free product in the world containing 8 ingredients specifically for plant-based diets, supporting energy production, immunity & cardiovascular health.

5. It Smells Amazing

Unlike most multivitamins, Foundations includes a natural citrus scented "scentcert" in every pouch that both smells incredible and adds a subtle citrus aroma to every capsule.

6. It's Only 2 Small Capsules a Day

Many plant-based multivitamins require you to take 3 large capsules everyday. Future Kind managed to squeeze all the ingredients in two easy-to-swallow capsules.

7. The Company Supports Animal Sanctuaries

A portion of every sales goes to an vegan animal sanctuary to help support injured and abused animals. Future Kind has donated over $40,000 to date to animals in need.

8. It Comes With a Free Steel Storage Jar

To ensure the ease of storage of your multivitamins, all first orders come with a free air-tight steel storage jar. Throw the pouch in the compost and your multivitamin routine just became a lot more sustainable!

9. It's Made In The U.S

Future Kind are big on quality and everything is made at an FDA regulated, GMP-certified facility and then sent for 3rd party testing.

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9 Reasons Why People Love This Vegan Multivitamin

10/01/23 | Shaun Cunningham

1. It’s All-In-One

No need for loads of different powders. Future Kind combines 16g of organic vegan Plant Protein, Super Greens, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Omegas, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.

2. Real Vegan Foods (No B.S. “Amazonian Berries”)

Instead of using a 100 different micro servings of obscure cheap ingredients, Future Kind uses fewer, but larger servings of real nutritious-dense whole foods that matter, like blueberries, spinach, kale, chia, flax, whole grain oats and broccoli.

3. World’s First Compostable Pouch

Future Kind is the only meal shake to come in a compostable pouch making it the eco-friendliest option on the market. Once you’re finished you can add it to your food waste (green bin) or compost bin.

4. The Best Tasting Vegan Meal Shake Ever

The leading meal shake brand was described in a review as being like “ground-up elephant dung”. Future Kind took that into account when formulating the perfect meal shake for 2023. Their shake is a deliciously creamy vanilla.

5. 18 Premium Vitamins & Minerals

Like lichen-derived Vitamin D3 and kelp-derived Iodine to help ensure you’re getting your daily nutritional essentials. Other brands use cheaper and less effective synthetic alternatives.

6. Only 120 Calories Per Serve

By using a low-calorie daily shake, Future Kind can help both support weight management and encourage lean muscle production.

7. Keeps you fuller for longer

By combining high-quality fiber-rich foods and plant protein, it’s able to keep you feeling fuller for longer, despite being low in calories.

8. As low as $29 A Pouch

Which means only $2.07 a meal! Every order also includes a free stainless-steel shaker, so you can get your serving just right and drink it on the go.

9. It's Made In The U.S

Future Kind are big on quality and everything is made at an FDA regulated, GMP-certified facility and then sent for 3rd party testing.

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$49 / pouch

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$29 / pouch

☑ ONLY $2.07/ MEAL

$294 $174


$39 / pouch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews

The most immediate difference for me was my nails. I have stronger nails now that grow faster than they ever have, even when I was younger. Definitely worth the buy, I will continue my subscription & look forward to future benefits.

Brittanie Dzydzora
Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement

I really enjoy this supplement as I have noticed more stability and strength in my nail growth less frizzy and dried out hair and a healthier skin complexion. I have (so far after 3 months of daily use) experienced no adverse side effects or even an adjustment period from my previous vegan collagen supplement and can also feel great about this product in knowing it is made of all clean ingredients and people who know what those ingredients are and do! I am thankful to have found Future Kind and continue to be confident in my selection of their company with how they view and uphold their corporate social responsibilities and in my product selections with how they source, inform, and provide the products to consumers. I feel confident in recommending them as a reliable and high quality supplement resource to anyone who will listen!

Thanks for the review! We're happy to know that you're enjoying our vegan collagen booster supplement. We hope you'll continue to use it to help improve your overall health and appearance.

Rachel Quinones
Great product!

The vegan collagen is amazing! It makes my hair and skin glow and I can see the results! I would recommend this product!

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're enjoying our vegan collagen supplement. We hope you continue to see results!

Felicia Keough
Vegan Collagen Booster

I am extremely excited about this Collagen Booster. I only ordered a one month supply to test if I saw any benefits. After about 2 weeks, I was noticing my face felt smoother. I was still not "sold" until I had my aesthetician complement how healthy my skin looked since out last visit AND she noticed my lashes looked longer! SOLD!!! I am not only reordering but I am opting for auto ship!

Thank you for your review of the Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement! We're so excited to hear that you're seeing benefits from using this product - it definitely seems to be working well for you!


The vitamins are great! I have noticed that my natural energy levels are increasing, and my desire to do activities have increased!

Thank you for your kind words! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the supplement.


Has my hair and skin looking so much better in 5months


Very good thanks 😊 🙏

A Collagen Product that Actually Works!

I am absolutely in love with this collagen supplement because I have seen a tangible change in my nails especially. I have always been a nail biter partly because my nails always break because they aren’t strong enough. But with this product they hardly ever break and my nails grow soooooo much faster. And even if I do break a nail, it grows out so quick. This is a supplement I have added to my permanent order list!!

Thank you for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that you've found our vegan collagen supplement to be helpful.

Nikole Whipple
Vegan Collagen

I love this product. I feel like as a whole my skin not only looks better but feels better.

Thank you for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying our vegan collagen supplement.


I have only been taking collagen booster for about 1 month. I have not noticed any changes so far but I’m hopeful! The capsules are not too difficult to swallow and have been easy to digest. I will keep taking them for another month to look for changes.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope that you'll continue to take them and looking forward to great results.