Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help the planet shift to a plant-based diet


We’re doing it for:


  1. The billions of animals that are needlessly slaughtered every year
  2. The enormous environmental destruction that animal agriculture has on our planet
  3. The incredible health benefits of a whole food plant-based diet


But, we’re taking a slightly different approach...


It’s no secret that there has been a huge surge in veganism and plant-based eating in recent times.


Documentaries like What The Health, Cowspiracy and Earthlings have done an incredible job at getting people to move to a plant-based diet, but the challenge is, not everyone has stayed on them.


According to a 2014 study that involved 11,000 participants, up to 84% of people that go vegetarian or vegan go back to eating meat.


In other words, we have a leaky bucket...


That’s why our core focus is on helping people to STAY on a plant-based diet, by making nutrition easier for them


By cutting through all the conflicting health information (bullsh**t) and delivering evidence-based products that contain the essentials we really need, we’re hoping that we can make plant-based nutrition a little easier.


That’s why we also provide all our customers with free access to a qualified plant-based nutritionist through the Future Kind Tribe.

This is just the beginning


Our vision is to become the world's leading vegan supplement brand, and a major source of funding for the plant-based & environmental movement.


While we’ve already donated thousands of dollars to animal sanctuaries like Where Pigs Fly, as well as donating to environmental charities like Coalition for Rainforest Nations, we’re hoping to have a much greater impact as we grow.


Thank you for coming along for the ride!


Shaun & Eliot

Brothers, Vegans & Founders of Future Kind


P.S. Curious to see what we’re doing from an environmental perspective? Check out our sustainability page.