Kind Coin

The Currency Made For Giving

Rewarding With Kindness

Kind Coins are a virtual currency we have introduced to reward our customers for their support. Coins can be earned by several ways and can be redeemed as product discounts or donated to our Vegan Animal Sanctuary Fund.

Earning Kind Coins

Place An Order

For every $1 spent on our website, you'll earn 5 Kind Coins.

Follow Us

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to earn 100 Kind Coins.

Leave A Review

Leave a review for your previous purchase and earn 500 Kind Coins.

New: Refer a Friend

Loving our healthy product range? Refer a friend today to receive 1,000 bonus Kind Coins. They will receive a $10 welcome discount, so it's a win win!

Click get started below to sign up and get your unique link.

🎂 We'll also send you 200 points on your birthday! 🥳

Spending Kind Coins

Convert Coins to Discounts

100 Kind Coins = $1. There is no min or max amount needed to redeem your discount. Access your Kind Coins dashboard, create a discount with your coins and apply that discount during checkout.

Donate Your Coins

Feeling kind? You can also choose to donate your Kind Coins to our Vegan Animal Sanctuary Fund. 100% of donations go to charities.

☝️ If you’d like to redeem your discount for a new subscription, please email us your redeemed code so we can ensure it works.

Start Earning Kind Coins

Please note:
For new members, after signing up, please return to this page and click "GET STARTED" again to access your points.