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Vegan Collagen Booster

Thankful for a vegan collagen supplement.


I was wondering if the calcium was working until the night I fell. My ribs hit my paper shredder hard. I was in pain. At my doctor appointment I was sent for an X-ray and mri. Turns out there was no breakage at all, just bruising. Years ago I fell and fractured my rib. This proves to me that this calcium does indeed work.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Everything I get from Future Kind is great, but the Omega 3 supplements are exactly what I was looking for. Not too big like other supplements I've used in the past and they come in a super sleek bottle. I'm definitely a loyal customer to Future Kind - such an awesome and trustworthy brand!

Belly friendly

I’m in love with this protein, it doesn’t bother my gut at all, the best protein ever!

Great Product

Love the Calcium supp! clean ingredients, no synthetic ingredients! Will definitely be buying again.

Great tasting and works well

I suffer from insomnia and didn’t want to take a heavy sedative. I found these and thought i would try them … I took 3 about an hour before bed and I had not slept that well in a very very long time! I woke up feeling really good and not lethargic. Love they are vegan and taste great too! Definitely worth it !

Hi Emily, so glad to know we are helping you get this good night sleep.


I think the Vegan Vitamin has helped my Blood Sugar my Blood Pressure at this point I am really happy

That's so great, Jim! We're glad to know this

Bloat Buster

These gummies are absolutely amazing! 🤩

We're so happy to know that you like them!

Absolutely the best supplements I’ve tried this far!!

Thank you for this Megan. Its our pleasure to give you what you need.

Vegan Biotin Nail, skin & hair growth gummies

So far I am enjoying the biotin gummies. They are very tasty and much easier to take than the past large pills I took from another company. I have only been taking them for a few weeks and can’t say for sure if they are helping. I have noticed my nails seem stronger.

Glad to know you are liking them! Hope to see more improvements for you. :)


I was in need of a good supplement w/probiotics and this was recommended to my by my sister who is a RDA. The have been taking these every morning for several months now. My parents are 90 and 91 and are able to swallow the tablets without issue; they are rather large! I know if I am late in getting their supply, my dad in particular, notices it after 2-3 days of not taking his Multi-vitamin. I have these on a subscription.

We are happy to know they are enjoying our products!

Provides me with peace of mind

Taking this tiny, capsule daily assures me I am getting all the nutrition I need without any animal products. Thank you, future kind!

It's our pleasure! Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Great quality

I can tell that these are legit vitamins. I have been taking them for 2 months now and can tell they are helping.

Thank for your review, Patrick. We appreciate it!

Vegan Turmeric With Black Pepper Inflammation Supplement

I was having some problems with my sciatic nerve hurting all the way down from my back to my hips, down my thighs all the way to my feet. I started taking this product to help with the inflammation. Within 2 weeks there was a notable difference! My pain went almost completely down, I was able to walk without limping. This is an amazing product & I will order again!

Wow, that was a great testimony. Thanks for sharing this, Toni. We're so happy this is working wonders for you.

Love the Stress & Energy Support Supplement!

I started taking the Super Plant Complex: Stress & Energy Support Supplement to help with my mood, especially in the winter months. It really seemed to start working within days! Really happy I found this supplement.

Loved to hear that its been working great for you Ashlee. Thank you for the review!

Excellent quality health improving

I’ve been vegan for about 10 years and eat very healthy BUT fall short on eating iron-rich foods. I realized I was low on iron after taking a blood test. I’m so glad to now be taking this product daily, along with Future Kind’s other excellent supplements. I love that it’s high quality sourced and paired with vitamin C to increase absorption. Also in a glass bottle, which is better for the environment. I love that Future Kind donates to animal sanctuaries as well!

It's an honor for us to create this product that matches your need. Thanks for your feedback, Ian!

Great company and product

I really like everything about this company. From their sustainability to their product.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Great supplement

I really like the vegan iron supplement. It’s small enough to swallow and doesn’t have any bad tastes or side effects. I only wish there were 60 pills per bottle instead of 30

Thank you for sharing your experience! I have also forwarded your feedback to our Team.

Good so far

I gave a 3 star review because it’s only been a month since taking them. Overall I feel good but it’s hard to tell the effects just yet.

Thank you for the review, Gloria. We are looking forward to see a greater result in the future.

Great vitamins

I started taking them a month ago. Since i know nothing will magically made my thin hair full and thick, i believe in vitamins. And these are clean and great

We're glad to know its working great for you!

So yummy!

I actually am excited to take them every day after breakfast!

Happy to know you liked them very much. :)

love them!

They seem to be working. I just had my annual blood work done and all is good.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Deb! Happy to know your great results.

Great chocolate protein powder

Good chocolate without an artificially sweet flavor. I like that I can add a bit of sweetness to taste by adding honey (or whatever your preferred sweetener may be)

Thanks for a great combination recommendation! Happy to know that you liked them.

The best vitamins

I started taking these for anxiety and brain fog and it has made an immediate difference in my anxiety and overall stress levels!

We're so happy to know that we are helping you out! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback.

Perfect way to get your omegas as a vegan

I was concerned about getting the right ratios of omega 3 to 6 and future kind was the only vegan pill I came across that had both in right amounts. And they have a great taste. This is a no-brainer for anyone. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing a great review, Facundo. We appreciate it!