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Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3) - Subscription

I really like the vitamins. Its great that i have this combination of supplement in one pill

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Easy to take,

when I get my annual blood tests in June will judge better

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Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3) - Subscription
Super Great Multivitamin

I had noticed my energy dropping since adopting a vegetarian diet. After a week of using this multivitamin, my energy has come back to normal. I feel so much better. The multivitamin also tastes a lot better than others I've tried, which is awesome.

Great to hear the Multivitamin is working so well for you!


It's been 10 days since we received our first vegan multivitamins and they are amazing. Taste good as well.

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Great Product from a Great Company

This multi is a little pricey, but comparable to other brands! FK just became a B Corp which is very exciting and the also just changed their bottles to glass from plastic! It’s a no brainer for me to support this brand while getting the vitamins I need 👍

Very timely redponses

A Kind Company and the Best Product Out There

I wrote to Future Kind a while back and requested that they consider switching away from plastic bottles. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that, not too long later, I received a glass bottle with even better packaging! They have one more loyal customer now. I'm really impressed by their company's commitment to their mission. As for product quality, I searched around for the best vegan multivitamin and found that Future Kind actually beats the prices of even buying these three supplements individually. These are exactly the three supplements I need as a vegan. The pills are small and truly easy to swallow and even smell good. I actually looked up the nutrient quantities I need and technically only have to take one pill a day, not two, so I am actually getting these for half the price. The subscription deliveries are always on time and so easy to modify if needed. I am really impressed with this company and am also getting the best deal I could find on the market with really great quality. I hope you will give them a try as well.

Thank you so much for the kind words! We are so happy you are satisfied with our product.. Thank you for being a loyal customer :)

This is my first time ordering this vegan multivitamin. I don't have to much to share just yet about if I feel a difference, but I'd appreciate the great communication and follow up from your company. I also look forward to purchasing more from you in the near future.

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This is the kind of product that I’d be an ambassador for without having to lie. This is honestly the best “Vanilla flavored” Protein Powder I’ve had. I use it in my smoothies, and it delicious. It also blends VERY well. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is, especially with the clean ingredients.

Now, I’d like a chocolate protein powder from you guys.

Thanks for the kind words! glad to hear that you are liking the protein powder :)

Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3) - Subscription

Love that it has everything I need and nothing I don't. Have been taking 3x a week, it gives me peace of mind that I won't develop deficiencies on a vegan diet. Smells great, easy to take, love it!

So great to hear you are loving the Multi :)

Vegan Omega 3 Supplement - 500mg DHA + EPA Algal Oil (2 Month Supply)

Vegan Collagen Booster

I actually just started using this supplement a few days ago. Haven’t noticed a huge change yet but will continue using and hope for good results.

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Thanks Future Kind

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Great value!

Lucky to of found this bundle as I'm on a budget right now. Happy with all the products!

Wonderful to hear it :)

Feeling energised and sleeping well

Getting exactly what I wanted from this bundle!

Great to hear that its working so well for you!

Surprisingly good!

Flavor is the best out there, blending capability is probably the best you can get as well (need an immersion blender if you want to mix it in coffee or milk though). Protein:calorie ratio is excellent. Price is also decent. Anything cheaper on Amazon is low quality chinese powder. The closest competitor to this on Amazon is twice the price per volume. Very impressed, I will be using this for the foreseeable future.

Thanks so much for the review! glad you are enjoying our product :)

Vegan Iron Supplement with Natural Vitamin C 16.67% Off Auto renew

OUTSTANDING customer service

Hi Hannah, it's so great to hear that you are happy with our customer service, thank you for the kind review :)

- Tania.

Great Supplement For The Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

As one that follows a whole food plant-based lifestyle, this Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3) is a great daily supplement for me.

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I absolutely love this protein powder! It is very smooth and delicious. I love that it is organic and contains only clean and high quality ingredients! Highly, highly recommend, its so worth it!!

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Organic Vegan Protein Powder - Vanilla Flavored

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Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

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Vegan Essentials are Great!

My husband and I have been taking our vitamins for 3 weeks and we love them. The orange citrus smell is nice too. They are easy to take and I believe they make a big difference in how I feel. These vitamins never give me any side effects. No stomach upset either. They are super easy to take two times during the day. They are small so they are easy to swallow. As a vegan, I am so glad that these are available. I recommend this company to everyone looking for a high quality, affordable, and vegan vitamin supplement. Give them a try!💚💙💜❤

great to hear you are loving the Vegan Essentials :)

my pickey daughter approves!

size and scent were appreciated by my teen who has tried multiple vitamins

great to hear your daughter approves :)

Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3)

thank you!