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Love this product!

These vitamins are great. No fishy after taste and I feel like I am getting my essential nutrients.

Being a vegan you need a b12 supplement. I get them automatically sent to me monthly. I’ve been taking for a few years. My blood work shows they are working great.

I'm using the product now, an excellent product, great taste, no after taste.

smell good

i like the lemony smell of these. no fish taste either!

Vegan B12 Methylcobalamin Chewable Supplement

5 star supplement

I was taking a different vegan Omega 3 supplement and it had a bad aftertaste. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this supplement tasted and will be taking this one from now on.

Essential Vegan Multivitamin
Fajer AlFaraj KWI-44001
The best

These are my go to supplements. I stopped counting how many times I’ve ordered them

Clean product hoping for long term benefits

We’ve used one bottle and I do believe it is helping for mental clarity. I will continue to use with hopes that it will show even more benefits.

Shoulder pain

Off and on I have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder running down my upper arm. Diagnosed with bursitis and told to ice it and do gentle stretching. It didn’t seem to be getting better so I decided to try Happy Joints gummies. I am “happy” to report that it is feeling better week by week. So glad I gave it a try!

Feeling good

I have tried other vegan supplements and have not felt any difference like I feel with this vitamin. My daughter introduced me and I'm happy that she did!

Vegan Complete Multivitamin (Vitamins + Probiotic + Enzymes)

Amazing relief

I suffered from constipation and gas for many years. I saw an ad for these probiotics and instantly wanted to try them. Since I begin taking them, I have had no pain or issues. Would highly recommend.

Great Vitamins!

I love these! I used to take Hippo 7 which is another all vegan brand, but it didn't cover enough vitamins and minerals I felt I was missing in my diet. I love Future Kind and the ingredients in their vitamins covers so many things that I might miss in my diet. The pills are quite large and you do have to take 3 each day, but I don't mind taking pills so it doesn't bother me. I feel like they work well and give me a lot of energy!

Clean and simple

Nice flavor and pure ingredients

Works for me

I have tried many different supplements, this one sits well with my stomach & helps during the winter months when I’m not in the sun as much. A critical part of my routine!

I’m seeing results

Nails are usually fragile. And I’ve notice them thicken up: and that’s not even the reason I got these lol

Happy with it

I usually have trouble digesting Omega supplements. When I try a brand, I cut the gel cap in 2 and give it a taste. Most taste quite strong which makes you wonder if they are on the rancid side. This is the first brand I've tried with a non invasive taste, light color but, most importantly, the first one I don't have trouble digesting. I'll purchase it again.

Love the product

Family of three have been taking these for over a year. Works wonderfully. Delighted with its impact on gut health. Only battle is the size and taking three daily. Definitely worth it but if that could be improved...

Improved mental clarity

I see a difference

Great taste!

I have only used the powder in smoothies, but it's perfect for that use.

Best Ever?

Been taking multi-vitamins for decades. These may be the best I've tried yet.

Excellent vegan supper helps me keep my heart healthy.

Wonderful vegan supplement for strong bones.