Vegan Multivitamin Reviews

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Always awesome 😊

Good but too expensive.

I like these vitamins fine. But I don’t think they’re worth the money overall.

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 1 Month Supply

So far I'm happy with the vitamins, perhaps I was expecting more energy, but it may take a bit more time.
Five star

Smells Great

I’ve taken many vegan vitamins, and these smell the best. I love these vitamins.

Essential Vegan Multivitamin

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 1 Month Supply

Great Product!

I love Future Kind! I love that I can get my daily vitamins in 1 bottle :)

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 1 Month Supply

So far so good!

Enjoy taking these citrus-scented vegan vitamins. They seem to be having a positive effect, but still have a ways to go before I really know for sure.

Great idea for several reasons

I have trouble taking large pills. Thank you for making small, easy to swallow pills. It’s convenient having all three supplements in one dose. No checking to make sure they’re vegan. And they’re delivered to my home. Who could ask for more?

Company is really cool.

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 1 Month Supply

Brain Power

I used to get drouzy at around 4pm , sometimes feeling slow or just not right. 2 weeks in after taking this vitamin, i kid you not, im faster thinking , do more things in my day, dont feel tired till at around 9 - 10 pm.. This vitamin saved my life seriously!

Great Product

Love the vegan multivitamins. I’ve been taking them daily for the past 4 months. I’ve really noticed an increase in my energy levels. Overall, great product from a company that cares.

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 3 Month Supply Subscription

Feeling Great!

I have been taking Future Kind for a little over a month now. My energy is consistent throughout the day and I feel great! I have also received compliments on my skin, lately. Coincidence? I think it is my body's way of thanking me for giving it great nutrition from great food choices and Future Kind supplements!


2 a day perfect you don’t need big chunks of vitamins a day. Size is perfect. Thank you

Vitamins are great, but thought I was signing up for one shipment

I like the vitamins, but I had intended to order 90 days worth only, and I now seem to have a subscription.

Outstanding!! Felt my mood improve within days!!!

Just like the title says. Within 4 days my mood felt more stable. I've obviously been missed some nutrients. I love these!!!! Thanks, Future Kind!!!

Don't know what I did without these!!

Love love love! I take mine at night right before bed and feel great the next day. On a vegan diet it's so important to get these vitamins in and I'm so glad someone put them all into one package!

Essential Vegan Multivitamin

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 3 Month Supply Subscription

Great For Health

I have been taking the vitamins for a few weeks. I feel good and assume they are keeping me healthy.