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This is the first and only time, in my Families history, that they haven't given me grief for having to take vitamins. I would venture to say that they might even look forward to taking them...My 16 yr old, has an alarm on her phone and every night she reminds us all to take our "kinds"!

Thanks for making it so easy to take our vitamins!
**also- love the citrus flavor!!

Unsure of shelf life once open

Stored in cool, dry space but vitamins taste tainted after 30 days. I sometimes forget to take them daily, hence going beyond the 30 day supply. Wish they would last longer.

Fills in the nutritional gaps

I’m finding my way back to a WFPB diet, after a year of stress eating (curse you Oreos). The Essential Vegan Multivitamin is filling in my nutritional gaps. And I love the orange scent.


I have been using these vitamins for only a little over 2 weeks but I can already see a difference in my energy level!

received empty envelope

I did not receive the vitamins. An empty, unsealed envelope was delivered to me.

Great vitamin!

This is a great product- so much easier and convienent than taking all three separately! The orange smell is a bonus and leaves a pleasant after taste. I will be continuing to take these!


Love these, best I have tried

Essential Vegan Multivitamin

Not sure yet,

Best vitamins ever!

I have been taking these vitamins for 3 months now and I love them! I feel more energetic and I like that they don’t have any of the extra ingredients I don’t want in a vitamin!

Essential Vegan Multivitamin


I'm in my 1st year of being vegan, and I haven't had any medical problems. It must be working.

Not received my order yet

I’m still waiting for my order

just started taking, will know more after taking for awhile

Essential Vegan Multivitamin - 1 Month Supply

Just one thing

I already wrote a review describing how much I like this supplement and the company however I would like to add that the large plastic container does not make me happy. I would live to see this corrected with a greener delivery process. I have a bunch of large empty plastic bottles. I thought they had told me they were working on this and I look forward to seeing a change here. I would love to be able to purchase a larger amount in one container at a time since my husband and I are both taking it. Everything I said about the vitamin and company still stands I am very happy


I’ve been using Future Kind for about two months and I totally notice a difference in my mood and overall brain health. Along with my vegan diet it’s such a great compliment. If I had to say that I could want another vegan vitamin, I’d probably say no. This brand has taken all of the guesswork out of buying the essential vitamins for vegans. No fishy taste or smell. I absolutely love the Lemon addition that smells so good! In being vegan, I’ve loved how simple and helpful subscribing has been for me as well! I’m very satisfied as a customer. Thank you Future Kind! 😚😇

Essential Vegan Multivitamin

So far so good! :-) But I think you should add Iron & Vitamin C to the vitamin. As an oncology nurse clinician with a Master's in Nutrition, a Certified Health Coach, a VEGAN, and.a professional who provides medical Nutritional counseling, many of my Vegan and Vegetarian patients have low iron levels. Heme-iron, the kind of iron you get from eating animal products is the best and most easily absorbed form of iron. And Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron. I think 10 mg of Iron + 200 mg of Vitamin C should be added to your product. Just a thought.

Great product!

I definitely recommend these vitamins to all the vegans out there! They will change your life!


Great stuff. I feel much better.

A Vegan Must

I've been taking these supplements for a number of months and they really fit the bill for me. They provide the 3 nutrients I need - B12, Vitamin D and Omega 3 in 2 easy to swallow capsules.

Grateful for these vitamins

These capsules are so easy to take because they’re small, they smell like delicious pineapple, and it’s once per day. The auto-ship is very convenient and showed up early enough that I didn’t miss a day of vitamins. The difference in my energy levels is staggering, I’m no longer a zombie. I didn’t realize how much I was lacking from what had always been a stellar diet (pre-babies) but with two young children to look after I had clearly begun neglecting my own nutrition. The quiz on the website was a wake up call for me. I’ve been telling many friend and family members about these. Thank goodness for these vitamins.