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I appreciate that this supplement has no unnecessary ingredients and all the most important ones to fill in holes in my plant-based diet. One of the other major vegan supplements has sorbitol in it, which causes problems for me due to inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease), and I'm grateful this one does not! The product smells fine, doesn't have an icky taste, and is even a pretty color. Thanks for your work on this product; you are appreciated!

I’m happy that I’ve finally found an affordable and sustainable supplement that has both vitamin D and omega-3s. Very easy to swallow too. Highly recommended!

Love the Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement!

You can take supplements that produce collagen in your body naturally - and this Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement does just that. The ingredients are top notch quality. I can already tell a difference in my skin and hair! I am in love with this product and highly recommend it to anyone.

My daily Foundation

I’ve noticed a huge difference after starting this. Being that I am a whole food vegan this is perfect to fill in the gaps of what I’m missing.

A very good Vegan Multivitamin

I have been a vegetarian for close to 50 years and have taken multivitamins for most of those years and this one may be the best one I have taken. I have reordered these pills after my first batch.

Great Quality Vegan Omega 3 Supplement

I have been taking the Vegan Omega 3 supplement for a few months now, and I definitely recommend it! The capsules are easy to swallow and digest, and they have a light orange scent/flavor due to the natural freshness tablet that is in the bottle. I have used multiple supplements from Future Kind, and I am impressed by the products, the customer service, and the company's commitment to sustainability and to supporting animals (not just by making vegan products but also by donating to animal sanctuaries). Also, I really appreciate the fact that all Future Kind products are third-party tested.

Give blood

I give blood regularly. Taking this iron supplement keeps my levels high so I can continue to give. I've been taking it for years now.

Awesome product

These iron supplements work. I have no complaints

Getting that D

Inexpensive and easy to take. No odor to the capsules. Favorite part is that this company is cruelty free!

Great product

I started using this product on my doctor's advice. It has worked great to help balance my Omega 3 to Omega 6 relationship. Now my husband is using it as well after he had a stroke last year. The doctor in the hospital told him to start fish oil. I told hubby I had something better.

I’m in loveeeeee

I love Future kind!!! I simply feel my best when I take these vitamins

Gives me energy

I used to feel tired easily but since I started taking this prenatal, I noticed that my energy level has gone up. Highly recommend!

Great Omega 3

This omega 3 is smaller than other brands that I’ve tried and therefore is much easier to swallow. Love it!

Great product

I have loved my vitamins since getting them. I love the compostable packaging and love the metal tin. The service is fast and convenient.

Vegan Calcium Supplement
Christine Anastasia Mason

Vegan Calcium Supplement

Iron power

Honestly Future kind is always my go to. Anytime I think of any supplement I go with them because I know they are the one vegan company that aticks to natural ingredients, no sugars and also and MOST importantly the milligrams are exactly the portion we need.

Vegan Calcium Supplement

Love it!!!

This vitamin really has everything I was looking for in one vitamin! I was able to cut so many other supplements because this one just has it all. Easy to take, smells lovely 😊

Kind me replacement shake

Was a bit sceptical how the taste would be not a plant based fan. DELICIOUS DELICIOUS I was pleasantly surprised, not griddy like most, it was smooth and mixed so well. Loved it with raspberries. Great shake💛💛💛💛👍💛💛💛💛
Definitely buying again.

Love my new supplement

Great product! Love that this product (and company) is all vegan, organic, and made in the USA. And this supplement has Vitamin C to help with absorption - can’t beat it!

Essential Vegan Multivitamin

These vitamins are the best! I have a pretty sensitive stomach and I have no issues taking these vitamins with or with out food. I know these vitamins are actually work aswell because they have been effective in treating my deficiencies diagnosed by my primary care doctor. I enjoy supporting a good cause and my own good health by purchasing these vitamins. Thank you Future Kind for all you do!

Future kind meal shake

Loving the Future Kind meal replacement shake! Delicious taste and texture and helps kick start my day with energy!

Great vitamin

Exactly what I’m looking for to enhance my vegan diet.

Vegan iodine drops

I will know if there effective on March when I have my thyroid checked

Perfect Probiotic!!!!

These gummies are honestly life changing. They are the first thing I have when I wake up— because they’re so tasty I actually look forward to them:) Most importantly, they work!!!! My digestion and bloat-prone tummy have taken a full 180 since I’ve started taking these about six months ago. I’ve tried tons of probiotics and this is hands down the one that has worked the most wonders for me!!