Best Vitamin Subscription Services to Try in 2022 (In-depth Reviews of Monthly Services & Boxes)

Best vitamin subscriptions in 2021


Supplements have made optimal nutrition and health easier to achieve than ever, and yet, many people don't take supplements regularly, even when they need them and they are aware they're approaching deficiency levels.

The reason? Well, it mostly comes down to schedule issues. With the hustle and bustle of our daily routine, it can be daunting to remember to take vitamins and supplements every day, buy the vitamins we need when they run out, and keep researching what the best products for our health goals are.

Enter vitamin subscriptions: you can now get a monthly dose of your daily vitamins and supplements delivered right to your door, without ever having to think about it!

Let us talk you through the best vitamin subscriptions available on the market in 2022.

Editor's Pick for best vitamin subscription service

Our top pick for the best vitamin subscription service goes to Future Kind's extensive subscription program, which is conveniently offered at checkout with every product in the vitamins and supplements range.

There's certainly a little bit of bias, however, what puts this subscription service above the rest is the fact that it is 100% customizable and flexible so that you can change your plan as you go along and reassess your health goals and nutritional requirements. Customers can take advantage of the generous free shipping, change the frequency of delivery and processing dates anytime they want, add additional products into their subscription with ease, and cancel the service anytime if it doesn't work for them.

On top of these customer-friendly features, Future Kind's subscription service allows you to save up to 15% from the standard price of products, saving you a great deal every month and ensuring you always have high-quality supplements at hand. All vitamins are free from harmful bulking ingredients you are likely to find in other brands, easy to swallow, and designed to be more bioavailable and efficient than industry competitors.

To help you achieve your wellness goals even quicker, Future Kind has created specific nutrition bundles to fit every supplementation need and save you quite a lot in the process: from stress relief to immunity-boosting, better sleep to vegan essentials, there's bound to be a bundle that will cater to your needs!

Future Kind best vitamin subscription service

Buyer's Guide

The supplements market is booming with new options and convenient subscription services that are revolutionizing the way we view health and nutrition. However, it's clear not all vitamin subscriptions are created equal.

To make sense of the noise here's what you should keep in mind: a high-quality vitamin subscription should give you everything your body needs without skimping on the quality of the ingredients or their recommended dosages. All of our picks have been selected for the quality of their formulas and customer satisfaction with the service, and finally listed according to their best use, taking key accessibility factors like price and allergen content into account.

Top 21 best daily vitamin subscription services

With our 2022 pick for the best subscription out of the way, let's take a closer look at the services that are making waves in the industry and go through the pros and cons of each, so you can find the perfect match for your schedule, budget, and nutritional requirements!

Best gummy vitamins subscription services

Vitamin gummies are the next big thing in the health industry: visually appealing and pleasant to swallow, they make for the perfect choice for people who don't enjoy taking supplements daily or easily forget to take their daily dose.

It doesn't come as a surprise that there are many subscriptions for vitamin gummies available to satisfy your sweet tooth and reap all the health benefits of taking supplements daily — here are our picks for the best gummy supplements on the market!


Best vitamin gummies subscriptions


VitaFive comes out on top in many "best of" lists for gummies, and for a good reason: they are uncompromisingly tasty and easily customizable to fit all your health needs.

 You can build your own personalized 30-day daily vitamin packs with individual pouches for intuitive dosage, or you can buy premade monthly supplements with a hefty discount upon subscription. When it comes to the customized plan, you can pick and choose between nine in-demand supplements (vitamin D3, vitamin C, a convenient multivitamin, biotin, melatonin, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and immunity-boosting elderberry).

The cons of this subscription come down to pricing and individual responsibility: though the starting price of the customized vitamin packs is advertised as $12.99, picking a mix of only four supplements will easily set you back over $50 for a one-month supply.

On top of that, the personalized vitamin subscription relies on the customer knowing exactly what supplements they need and the dosage they need to take, something that not every subscriber will be familiar with upon first order. Without taking a blood test and setting an appointment with a nutritionist or doctor, it may be daunting for some to figure out what their needs actually are - little to no health information is given on the company's website!


Best vitamin gummies


The strength and appeal of Nourished gummies lie in their beautiful appearance and customization options. Each vitamin supplement is 100% bespoke and 3D printed on order to fit your unique nutrient needs, resulting in colorful "stacks" that taste just as good as they look.

A monthly supply includes 28 custom stacks that will be delivered right to your door in sustainable, recyclable packaging. Each vitamin is sugar-free, free from allergens, and vegan-friendly so that everyone can reap the benefits of having all their daily vitamins packed into one convenient supplement!

One big plus of this subscription service is that it allows customers to take a handy quiz to figure out what they should prioritize when it comes to daily nutrition so that no one is left in the dark even if they don't have access to nutritionists and expensive tests.

On the not-so-great side of things, this vitamin program is quite pricey: a customized pack of vitamin stacks will set you back over $50 for a one-month supply. On top of that, their lifestyle quiz, as much as it may be handy for customers that are not that familiar with the latest science of nutrition, might leave many uncovered when it comes to key vitamins and nutrients like vitamin B12 and omega 3s.

Yumi Nutrition

Vitamin gummies 2021


Yumi Nutrition is another UK-based brand that's been growing in popularity online, thanks to extensive social media and influencer marketing. Do they have the goods to back this popularity up?

Well, the pleasant taste of their gummies is a great pro, and so is the price of their monthly subscription: each vitamin pack will set you back only $17, saving you 15% off a regular one-time purchase and offering free shipping to all US customers.

What leaves a lot to be desired, however, is the range of supplements available overall. There is no customized plan available for a DIY supply, and the five premade gummy packs (melatonin, biotin, CBD, probiotic, and antioxidant) leave many essential nutrients out of their formula in favor of cheaper, less scientifically backed options.

While every supplement pack is suitable for vegans and coeliacs, they supplement formulas contain sugars and bulking agents, making Yumi a less than ideal option for those looking to boost their nutrition in the healthiest and most efficient way possible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an accessible product that will taste great and target a specific health and beauty need (such as sleep problems and hair health), these gummies might be a great addition to your existing supplement routine!

Best customized and personalized vitamin subscriptions

The popularity of customized gummies shows that personalized vitamin subscriptions and premade bundles are becoming the preferred choice for many health-minded customers around the world.

Here we list the three best vitamin subscriptions for personalized vitamin packs in 2022, designed to take care of your specific health needs thanks to handy lifestyle quizzes and an extensive range of vitamins and supplements to choose from.


Best customized vitamins


Rootine is set on taking customization to the next level by combining a DNA test, a lifestyle quiz, and a blood test to recommend the best vitamin pack for your health goals.

The process starts basic enough by requiring you to input your diet, age, height, weight, and habits, but get progressively more specific and scientific with the addition of a DNA and blood test, both of which you can choose whether to purchase from the company directly or have them done and uploaded to your profile independently.

Once the team has studied your results, they will send you a 90-day supply of sachets containing easy-to-swallow and versatile vitamin microbeads with 18 personalized vitamins and minerals, designed to easily mixed in with your favorite foods!

The biggest con of this vitamin subscription service is the overall price, which doesn't come as a surprise when we consider the extensive data involved. A Rootine DNA test will set you back $125 and the at-home blood test will be over $100, while the vitamin packs themselves will come at $2.99 per day.

Hum Nutrition

Best personalized vitamin subscriptions


Hum Nutrition boasts an extensive range of supplements aimed to cover a wider range of nutrient needs and health goals than most competitors.

After completing a quick lifestyle quiz, you'll be recommended a list of personalized options for your requirements containing a number of their premade bundles, roughly divided into immunity, mood, skin, hair, body, and vegan.

What puts this subscription service above the rest is the fact that the company works collaboratively with registered dieticians to review each order and quiz, so that customers can message the experts with their questions before committing to the subscription plan.

The biggest con of the service is the unpredictability of the final price, as with a cost of $25 per one-month supply bottle, the price of your personalized pack will vary greatly depending on how many vitamins and minerals are recommended to you.


Best personalized vitamins


Another supplement company offering a vast range of options, from standard vitamins to probiotics and herbal supplements, Care/0f gives customers the option of taking an in-depth quiz to create a bespoke vitamin pack with all the essentials, plus a few herbal remedies as an optional add-on.

Similarly to Hum Nutrition, Care/of relies on a board of expert nutritionists and dieticians to guide their recommendations, and for the more scientifically-minded, it offers the option to skip the alternative medicine remedies altogether!

As for the biggest cons of the service, note that not all supplements are suitable for vegans or vegetarians and that the price might be inaccessible for many potential customers as they charge per supplement rather than providing a flat-fee for each one-month supply pack.

Also if you're looking for a super greens or similar, you may need to check out other dedicated options such as Human Tonik as Care/Of do not offer these types of products yet.

Best women's vitamin subscription services

Women often require specific nutrients for their body in order to thrive and avoid setbacks when menstruating, in menopause, looking to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

From higher iron dosages to a specific focus on hair and nail health, these three picks are formulated with women's health at the forefront of each decision!


Best vitamins for women


Made by women and for women, Ritual is the gold standard for women's vitamin subscriptions, offering a highly-rated prenatal multivitamin, a post-natal one, a 50+ women multivitamin for post-menopausal customers, and a "full essentials" 18+ women's multivitamin to cover every daily requirement according to what your body truly needs.

The company prides itself on offering highly bioavailable options that are non-GMO, vegan-friendly, free of unnecessary additives, fit for women in all stages of life, and designed not to trigger nausea.

The subscription for one monthly bottle will set you back between $30 and $35, making Ritual one of the most accessible vitamin packs around.

Honest Health + Wellness

Best vitamin subscriptions for women


When it comes to women's health and maternity care, Honest really does it all: organic pads, conscious diapers, innovative beauty products, and carefully designed vitamins for mothers of all ages, prenatal multivitamins, postnatal lactation vitamins, and so much more!

They offer subscriptions on all maternity supplements, which you can choose whether to get delivered every month, every three weeks, or even every twelve! Subscription flexibility is definitely a plus, and so is the inclusion of a prenatal DHA supplement subscription for under $20 per bottle — although vegans and vegetarians will have a hard time finding options for them as they include fish oil and animal-derived vitamin D.


Best women's vitamin subscription


Persona is arguably one of the best vitamin subscriptions when it comes to scientific rigor.

Like Hum Nutrition, Persona relies on experts to walk you through every step of the customization process, from their thorough first assessment of your nutritional needs to the final feedback.

Their personalized vitamin packs for women and expecting mothers address common issues affecting a woman's body, such as PMS or menopause, stress, irritability, poor sleep, hunger, and UTIs.

You can get a one-month supply for the price of each supplement recommended by the in-house nutritionists, making the price range vary quite dramatically (the price for all their products ranges between $0.12 and $1.71 per daily supplement!).

Best daily multivitamin subscription services

If you don't really have any specific health requirements and nutrient deficiencies, nothing beats a balanced, science-backed multivitamin to take care of your daily needs.

We have selected the three best daily multivitamin subscriptions to help make essential vitamins part of your day-to-day routine.

Feel Multivitamin

Best multivitamin subscription


Feel's essential multivitamin boasts a whopping 32 highly bioavailable, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO ingredients, and finds pride in the cleanliness of its formula.

The inclusion of BioPerene is said to enhance the already bioavailable vitamins and herbal ingredients used, making Feel one of the best all-rounders when it comes to multivitamin subscriptions.

The subscription price for a monthly supply is also very accessible at $16.

Gobi Gold

Best multivitamin subscriptions 2021


Switzerland-based Gobi Gold offers one sleek capsule to tackle all your needs: the daily balancer.

Using the latest nutritional science technology, this high-quality multivitamin contains 12 essential vitamins, 6 key minerals, and fish oil omega-3s. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the latter makes the formula unsuitable for vegans and veggies, who will have better luck opting for vegan-friendly DHA/EPA options.

With a starting price of over $50 (and free shipping worldwide), this is definitely one of the priciest options around, but the extensive list of nutrients and bioavailable tech might be more than worth it for some customers!


Multivitamin subscriptions


Vitl offers a fully personalized daily multivitamin designed to take care of your specific nutrient requirements, thanks to a thorough initial consultation.

You can also choose to take a DNA and blood test to make your multivitamin recommendation more precise (at a hefty price!) but for most, the lifestyle assessment will do just enough to provide you with a great daily option that is suitable for vegans and accessibly priced at just under $17.

Best vegan vitamin subscription services

While Future Kind's extensive range of subscription choices remains on top of the list for vegans and those on a plant-based diet, thanks to the unique focus on vegan health and plant-based bioavailability, there are other vegan-friendly services entering the market that deserve a highlight.

The Nue Co.

Best vegan vitamin subscriptions


Sleek, organic, innovative, and open to all science-backed nutritional insights, The Nue Co. is a great option for vegans looking to boost their nutrients intake while supporting environmentally sustainable products at the same time.

All vitamin recommendations are based on personal consultations and reviewed by their in-house team of experts, and you can choose between five different wellness goals to make sure you're getting what you really need.

The catch? A monthly subscription will set you back between $50 and $85 for single products, or up to $200 for tailored packages — far from accessible on a monthly basis for most!


Vegan vitamin subscription boxes


GEM's supplements catch the eye immediately thanks to their unique shape and snack-like nature. Bite-sized and flavored, these vitamins are perfect for customers who really dislike swallowing pills, as they really don't look or taste like supplements at all.

GEM's bites contain only vegan ingredients in their ultra-clean formula, and with a subscription price of $49 for a one-month starter kit and $30 for a halved sample of their lemon, cacao, and peppermint flavors, it's not as much of a splurge as you'd think based on the creativity and innovation of the product.

But is the taste pleasant enough to look forward to a snack bite every day? Reviews are still mixed, though mostly positive!

Gini Health

Vegan vitamins subscription services


Gini Health is another smart and personalized subscription service using DNA testing to assess your individual nutritional requirements.

You can choose whether to order their kit or input data from other DNA services, though customers who are watching their weight or trying to lose a few pounds may want to opt for the former, since it will provide an in-depth insight into macronutrient requirements according to your genes!

A tailor-made vegan formula will set you back $45 for a one-month supply of all-in-one capsules.

Vitamin subscription boxes FAQ

Still undecided on what the best subscription for your personal needs and goals is? Let us answer a few frequently asked questions on the topic to make the choice that much easier!

What is the best vitamin subscription box?

The bet vitamin subscription box is Future Kind's subscription plan for all supplements and targeted bundles, offering free shipping, a 15% discount on each product, and a highly flexible subscription schedule that can be changed anytime.

Where can I get a custom vitamin subscription?

You can get a custom vitamin subscription with many personalized supplement companies, such as Persona, Rootine, Care/of, VitaFive, and Nourished.

How much do vitamin subscription services cost?

On average, vitamin subscription services cost between $20 and $50 for a one-month supply, with the lower end including generic multivitamins and bundles, and the higher end featuring highly personalized formulas.

Are vitamin subscription services backed by nutritionists?

Not all vitamin subscription services are backed by nutritionists and dieticians, and the ones that are will be clearly advertised as such (that is the case for companies like Persona and Hum Nutrition).

Do I need a vitamin subscription?

You need a vitamin subscription if you are likely to forget refilling your daily supplements once they run out or need a tailor-made plan to tackle specific health needs. If you don't see the convenience in signing up for a subscription plan, you are unlikely to truly need it, unless it will save you money if you tend to buy the same product each month.

Future Kind subscription services 2021


The supplements industry is booming with options when it comes to subscription boxes, so whatever your needs may be, you are guaranteed to find something that fits them perfectly (and fits your budget just right too).

If, on the other hand, you really don't know where to start or what to look for in your quest for maximum health, you can get started by identifying the nutrients your body is likely to be screaming for with a personalized quiz that will answer all your burning questions — the path to wellness has never been easier!

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