How Essential for Vegans Multivitamin Improved B12 Levels by 190% & D3 Levels by 150% (With Blood Work)

To date, 441 reviews of our vegan multivitamin show first hand how people are experiencing the positive benefits of supplementing b12, omega 3 and d3.

We also hear all the time about how our customers have more energy, clearer thinking and better hair + skin + nails (as well as a range of other benefits).

But how do you really know if it's not just a placebo effect?

In partnership with Dr Linda Dumas (Pharmacist and wellness consultant of Apothea), we're happy to present lab work directly showing the positive increases in nutrition levels of a customer who took our vegan multivitamin for 3 months.

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About Linda Dumas

I'm Linda Dumas, a Pharmacist & Consultant with over 10 years of Practical Pharmacy Experience and leadership.

After successfully managing three pharmacies for two major corporations, I founded Apothea, a pharmaceutical consulting company.

My passions include; empowering patients, serving the public, and approaching pharmaceutical topics from a friendly and nurturing perspective.

I practice as a Courtesy Assistant Pharmacy Professor & Onsite Preceptor for the University of Florida, as a way to give back to the next generation of pharmacists. I graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, Massachusetts in 2010, and have been working in leadership for my entire career.

I feel strongly about educating individuals about their health, as well as moving the profession of pharmacy forward. Recently I have been very involved in the Covid-19 immunization efforts in the state of Florida.

About Apothea

Healthcare is evolving and the pandemic has certainly taught us how to be resilient and open to changes. As a seasoned pharmacist with 10 years of practical experience, 2020 was a period where I found myself providing education and serving as a resource more than ever.

It's a well known fact that pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals and I started to think if my patients were having these questions, then others must be too!

This led to the formation of my pharmaceutical consulting business, Apothea. It’s been steadily growing since then, and I can say with confidence I’ve certainly found my niche.


Before Essential For Vegans

Shortly after launching my business I was contacted by a patient who was looking for help with a nutritional deficiency she discovered through a blood test.

She was vegan and at her yearly physical discovered that she was low in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. It can be common to be deficient in these two vitamins when following a strict vegan diet because the main source is animal products.

Pharmacists are well versed in laboratory levels, as well as vitamins and minerals. I felt confident that I could offer her some advice and help with this issue.

After some background questions I found that she had become a vegan after some health issues such as hypercholesterolemia. Initially becoming a vegan was an attempt to avoid statin medications, however after educating herself on the benefits of this lifestyle she also felt morally empowered as well.


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During our consults, I learned that she often made sacrifices to stick to her vegan diet, and that it was important to her that any recommendations be animal-free. 

With that in mind, I advised against any supplements found in the typical drug-store. The reasoning was that often vitamin companies formulate their products using animal byproducts in some capacity.

Most commonly the capsule is composed of gelatin, which is formulated by boiling down animal products; primarily pig & cow cartilage and ligaments. This may not be clearly labeled on the bottle, and it could be hard to easily decipher.


How Essential For Vegans Was Taken

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After researching I discovered Future Kind, a line of vegan vitamins that is specifically designed for vegans. I recommended she try the vegan multivitamins and after reviewing the supplement facts on the label we came up with a dosage and plan.

In collaboration with her primary care physician we all agreed upon a treatment plan; she would take them daily and return for laboratory values.


After Essential For Vegans

After 3 months on the vegan multivitamins, she has made improvements and is now in the normal range for her lab values. She is proud that she was able to stick to her decision to live a vegan life, and fall within the healthy normal lab values.

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Another noticeable benefit is that she has more energy and is sleeping better at night, a benefit anyone would be pleased about! Vitamin B12 is important for energy, and Vitamin D has a bunch of benefits including; bone, mood, immunity and fatigue.

It is advisable to get your bloodwork done once a year, and to make sure you address any variations from the normal limits. The solution could be an easy fix such as taking these vegan multivitamins!

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