Future Kind 2021 Review: Success, failures and what the future holds

It’s been a little while since my last update so thought I’d put something together to keep everyone posted on where we’re at as a company, as well as some new updates we’ve been working on.

2021 In Review

  1. 2021 was overall a great, but also a challenging year. Like almost all companies, our raw ingredient suppliers put the prices up (thanks inflation). We largely absorbed these price changes, rather than putting the prices up, as we’re aware that a lot of people experienced covid-related economic hardship.

  2. Digital advertising costs like Facebook, also rocketed up, so we’re grateful for those that referred friends and family through our referral program and enabled us to focus on producing high-quality products, rather than working out how to keep the doors open. If you would like to give a friend a $10 credit and received a $10 credit, you can sign up here.

  3. Shipping was also a challenge. Thank you for the patience of those whose orders were impacted. We ultimately decided to only offer DHL Express shipping as an option, which while slightly more expensive, ensures it arrives fairly quickly (typically 2 - 3 days). For anyone interested, we charge “cost” for shipping, which means we don’t make any profit on it and for those ordering over $60, it remains free (so I always recommend ordering 3 months at a time - better for the environment too as less shipping).

  4. We launched a lot of fantastic products based on your feedback and now have 31! We want to be a one-stop shop for your supplement needs, so as always if there’s anything you would like us to launch, let us know.


What We're Working On

  1. Overall, our mission is to help make vegan nutrition easier by being the world’s leading vegan vitamin brand and a major source of funding for animal sanctuaries. To achieve that, we’re excited to be able to start shipping to a number of new countries, hopefully by March. We currently only ship to the US, Canada, Australia & the UK.

  2. We are also very excited to be supporting two new charities: 1 is a new sanctuary launching in Texas, the other is in Indonesia. More info to come, stay tuned!

  3. To reward your loyalty, we’ve just launched Kind Coins. For every $1 you spend, you will earn 5 Kind Coins. You can then redeem them either as product discounts, or donate them to our animal sanctuary fund (100% of which goes to sanctuaries). Learn more here.

  4. We also launched a new website in January. The goal was to have something beautiful, but also simple to navigate. Let us know if you have any feedback?

  5. Finally, we’re launching a new label design. Those who have been with us for a few years will be chuckling given how frequently we update them, but we wanted something a little more sophisticated looking, particularly as our current labels are very easily damaged. You can see an example of the new labels on our calcium here.Speaking of which, we’re excited that this calcium is 100% plant-based. It’s made from Icelandic Red Marine Algae. We’re hoping to launch it in a couple of weeks, but have had delays with our 100% recycled bottle manufacturers (what’s new!?).

Overall, this year is about doubling down on our efforts to help animal sanctuaries and expanding our reach to different countries.

As always, thank you for your support, your letters continue to keep our small team motivated.

Take care & keep in touch,

Co-Founder of Future Kind

Shaun Cunningham, Future Kind Co-Founder

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