How to Fix New Vegan Fatigue in 7 Days


I know what it's like.

I was feeling amazing and telling the WHOLE world about veganism too! But then I didn't feel so amazing anymore.

I know it can feel pretty confusing because you felt so good at first. But it's pretty simple really.

Even though there are a range of awesome benefits to a vegan diet (and veganism in general), there are a few SUPER important things I want you to know to feel 100% amazing!

B12 for Your Brain

One of the things I discovered after I felt like this is that 52% of vegans are b12 deficient (which probably explains why so many people quit 😭😭😭).

I know you feel that it's not necessary because you didn't need it to start, but b12 deficiency is actually a pretty big deal.

If you leave it long term you can end up with neurologic (brain) complications such as paralysis.

My friend Amanda's ex-boyfriend actually ended up in hospital after 7 years of veganism and no b12. I don't want that happening to you.

Some of the other things which can happen faster (which I had) are depression, tiredness and anxiety. Plus my skin actually started to go this gross pale yellow colour.

There's other stuff too - but osteoporosis (a bone disease) is the other big concern (especially for women).

We developed a b12 spray specifically for vegans like us based on leading vegan Dr recommendations. Please check it out.

We also made an "essentials" vitamin specifically for vegans with 3 nutrients the leading Drs also think important (plus it's had over 270 reviews from people with amazing results if you don't believe it would work!).

Even if you don't buy from me - please, please, please take a vitamin b12 supplement.

You'll start to feel results fast if it is the issue like it was for me as well. I promise!

This is ours if you do want to check it out:

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Calories for Energy

I read comments on vegan FB groups all the time that have misinformation about this and protein.

But the fact is, when most people go plant based, they cut out all animal products but don’t really replace those calories.

Along with b12 this is one of the main reasons why people feel fatigue or low energy. 

I did this at the start as well thinking I was fine with the same meals just with a few more veggies.

Now when I make a salad I make sure I make it a mega salad and juice it up with a ton of lentils and beans. And for a stir fry I make double servings.

Track your calories for 1 week using something like the Cronometer app (or My Fitness Pal). This guy has a really good guide on how to use it:

Cronometer: The Key to Vegan Success? How to Use It.
You'll learn pretty fast what foods help you get enough calories and which ones don't.

If you're already over the amount of calories you need and want to cut them down and lose some weight whilst keeping muscle you might want to checkout a protein powder.

I wrote this article on how many protein shakes you should take a day depending on your goals if you're interested also.

Sleep for Everything

This isn't technically a vegan issue - but after I fixed the other issues this really was the biggest thing that helped get me to 100% again.

Things I did (I'm sure you've heard these all before - but they really work):

  1. Stopped drinking coffee after lunch (this was big for me - but everyone's different so try it yourself).
  2. Bought a travel clock to use for my alarm and charged my phone outside to bedroom.
  3. Stopped using my phone after 8pm at night (so hard I know, but so worth it - plus I've started reading again now).

BTW because my sleep patterns were so horrible at the start I used an all natural sleep supplement we created.

I don't use it every night now, just if things start to get bad again or I feel like I had too much coffee.

Don't worry as well, it's not a nasty prescription pill. It's all natural.

I didn't want to put anything druggy like that in my body either which is why we made it just with natural ingredients.

This is it as well if you're interested:

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Exercise for You

I know you probably already exercise a bit, but if you're not then this one really can help.

But I'd only add it on once you have the other ones sorted out as you might get too tired otherwise.

Exercise seems to provide me this crazy burst of energy for the 24 hours after - can't recommend it enough.

If you've got any questions at all about any of this feel free to write back to me on!

- Sage

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