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Vegan Prenatal Vitamin (With Iron & Folate)

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The world’s first and only prenatal developed specifically for vegan and plant-based diets, tailored with the right amount of B12, Vitamin D, Methylfolate and other key ingredients. Six months in the making, Shaun developed it after his wife became pregnant and he couldn’t find a prenatal specifically for plant-based diets.

🌎 First prenatal specifically for plant-based diets
✅ For preconception, pregnancy & lactation
⚡ Superior form of folate, L-Methylfolate
🤰Supports mom & babies health
♻️ Glass bottle & carbon neutral delivery
🇺🇲 Made in USA at FDA regulated facility, 3rd party tested

Form: Capsules (60)
Serving Size: 2 per day
Number of Servings: 30
Product Weight: 0.3 lb
Take 2 capsules daily with or without food.

Contains no: GMO's, gluten, wheat, yeast, nuts, soy, sugar, salt, animal derivatives, artificial colors or preservatives

As with any dietary supplement, please consult your health care provider before use. Keep in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight & out of reach of children. Storage: Do not use it if the safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat/moisture.

1. Clean, sustainable & vegan
2. Made in the USA at FDA regulated facility & 3rd party tested
3. $20,000 donated to animal sanctuaries
4. Eco-friendly packaging, carbon-neutral shipments
5. Founded by Aussie vegan nutritionists Shaun & Eliot

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The 1st Prenatal Designed For Women on a Plant-Based Diet

Vegan diets contain HIGHER levels of vitamin C, E, potassium, and magnesium, but LOWER levels of vitamin B12, D, and Omega-3. No other prenatal has the right amount of B12 for a plant-based diet.

What is a Vegan Prenatal Vitamin?

A prenatal prepares and supports your body for pregnancy and your unique nutrition needs. Unfortunately most prenatal vitamins use folic acid, which up to 40% of women with the MTHFR genetic mutation can't absorb. We've solved this problem using L-MethylFolate, which everyone can absorb.

Our Vegan Prenatal contains a combination of nutrients made up of vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids designed to support you and your baby during this special period of your life.

What It Delivers.

Just 2 citrus-scented capsules a day gives you peace of mind.

👶 Prevent Neural Tube Defects
😊 Supports baby & moms health

What's In Our Vegan Prenatal?

Folate (L-MethylFolate)
We’re proud to use methylated Folate which ensures the 40% or so of women with the MTHFR gene variation can absorb it.

Vegan Essentials: B12, Vit D & DHA
We included 150mcg of B12, which is the recommended amount for vegans and those on plant-based diets (the body only absorbs 2%). Do not settle for a prenatal with any less than this.

Other Essential Nutrients
We also include iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc, choline, biotin and vitamin E.

Risk Free Purchase + Fast Delivery

💰 30-day money back guarantee
🙂 Friendly customer service
👩‍💻 Self-service return portal
🚚 Fast low-cost shipping
👌 Risk free purchase

Take Two a Day.

For the best results, vitamins need to be taken regularly.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA
🌿 At an FDA-regulated facility
🌎 B-Corp certified company
🐄 Supporting animal sanctuaries

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Mariella Legua
The best!!

I am pregnant and I have to say since taking these I feel energized but it truely helps with my nausea! Love this product and will keep using it throughout my pregnancy

kelsey younkin
love these!

A wonderful, clean multivitamin. I have been taking Future Kind vitamins for a while now & am so impressed with the quality. Just switched from the vegan complete to these prenatals a little over a month ago.
I did quite a bit of research and tried a few brands (for 3months each) after the vitamin brand I used for years got bought out by a company I don't support. I felt my best while using Future Kind, so stuck with them & will remain a loyal customer :] it's a company that holds up its claims of sustainable, cruelty-free, research-based practices through every step of the process. I like that they donate to small farm sanctuaries, too :]

Thank you for your review! We're so happy that you've found our Vegan Prenatal Vitamin (With Iron & Folate) to be a great product. We're proud to be a company that upholds ethical and sustainable practices, and we're grateful that our products have helped you feel your best.

Anubhav Jindal

Vegan Prenatal Vitamin (With Iron & Folate)

Thanks for the review!

Bex Denrow
Easy to take

I love the orange essence in the bottle, prenatals are generally not the most appealing but these are easy to take and not a huge size. I do wish there was calcium and selenium but that's nothing another cup of almond milk and a Brazil nut won't fix

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you like our Vegan Prenatal Vitamin (With Iron & Folate) and that it's easy to take for you. Appreciate the feedback too, and will share them to the Team.

Fantastic Vegan Prenatal!

I feel great. My hair and skin quality has greatly improved! I will be buying these from now on!

Wow, that's fantastic. So happy to hear the positive results on you.

Gloria Luna
Good so far

I gave a 3 star review because it’s only been a month since taking them. Overall I feel good but it’s hard to tell the effects just yet.

Thank you for the review, Gloria. We are looking forward to see a greater result in the future.

Kane Cance
Bought for my wife

I did a lot of research as did she and we finally decided on this. Very happy with the nutrients.

Sahanaa Ramkumar
Great ingredients! But bad after taste

Ordered after a ton of research! Great ingredients.. but very bad after taste(seaweed taste that I hate).

Starr Dobush
Baby strength and energy

Keep in the fridge. Makes it taste better... Did a lot of research with IVF and knew I wanted a vitamins with folate. Great for brain development!

Thanks for the review!

Kayla Brosilow

I have been loving these so far! Still waiting on a positive test after trying for a couple of months now :) but I am sensitive to new vitamins and often will break out or have an adjustment period but my body seemed really happy with these right away. I think they’re a super reasonable price for a high quality prenatal and look forward to taking them throughout my pregnancy.


As always, it’s important to speak to your doctor first, but as you become pregnant it’s important to support your changing nutrient needs. Supplementing folate in particular is strongly recommended by almost all medical professionals worldwide to help prevent neural tube defects.

It is and it has been tested by the manufacturing facility for purity, as well as third party tested for impurities. It’s manufactured in the US within an FDA regulated facility. As with any dietary supplement, please consult your health care provider before use. And of course do not use it if you are allergic to any ingredients in this product.

We’ve included premium ingredients like methylated Folate, Omega-3 and Vegan D3 that you simply won’t find in many high street products. More importantly, we’ve include the right nutrients and dosages, like 150mcg of B12, for those on vegan and plant-based diets. It’s also 100% vegan, cruelty free and comes from a company that carbon offsets and uses 100% recycled materials.

As soon as you start trying to become pregnant it’s recommended to take a prenatal.

We advocate for a whole food plant-based diet, which means getting the majority of your vitamins and minerals from your diet. Our Essential For Vegans covers the absolute essentials you need as a vegan. However, your needs during pregnancy can change, and it’s not always possible to get the perfect balance of nutrients, which is why we developed our Vegan Prenatal to be more comprehensive.

Our favorite question! We’re pioneers in the packaging department. We use boxes and mailers made from 100% recycled paper (old newspapers!). Our labels are made from recycled material and our bottles are made from glass (infinitely recyclable versus plastic). We also carbon offset every single shipment and make donations to Coalition for the Rainforest Nations, helping to protect rainforests.

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