Manage Your Subscription

Cancelling Your Subscription


To cancel or make a change to your subscription, please fill out the form below and we will get back to your within 24 hours.*


Residents of California can cancel their subscription through our customer portal. Please see "Accessing Your Subscription Portal" below for further instructions.


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*Please note: Subscriptions must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your next order date, the date of which you can access through the customer portal. We are unable to provide refunds to customers whose products have already been dispatched following the initial 30 day cancellation period.

Updating Your Delivery Address


To update your delivery address, please send the new address details to us using the form below and we will update them for your next order.


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Updating Your Credit Card


To update your billing details for your subscription, please access your Subscription Portal and navigate to the billing section. From there you can modify both the card connected to your account and your billing address.


If you have not accessed the portal yet, please follow the instruction below under the "Accessing Your Subscription Portal" section.

Accessing Your Subscription Portal


  1. Register your account - CLICK HERE
  2. Enter your name and the same email you used when you subscribed


3. Confirm your account via the link sent to your email account following registration

4. Access your account, where you can view your order history and update your billing information.



Going forward, you can access this page at any time by clicking "login" in at the bottom of every page on our wesbite or click the user icon (it looks like a portrait of a little man!) at the top of every page

If you have any trouble accessing your portal or managing your subscription, please email us on and we would be happy to help.